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Unstoppable, Neuza Lopes: Transforming Women Into Their Powerful Selves

By Angela Azuar

Neuza Lopes has come a long way transforming her life and mindset to unlock her full potential and succeed as her own boss at Woman Elevate. She is helping other women to do the same by being their Transformational Coach. From letting go of her fears to fully embracing her power within, she shares with us her advice and expertise to unlock our true selves.

“The most precious gift; your power from within. Once you tap into that power you become unstoppable.”

You wrote that it was your ‘own personal growth and mindset shift’ that inspired your passion to help women unlock their full potential. What experience did you have that made you decide to become a Transformational life coach? What lessons did you learn from it?

Before I started taking my own journey of growth seriously, I had no understanding that all I could create in life depended solely on me. I had a  limited vision of what was truly possible. Although back then, I was an ambitious and driven woman with my own accomplishments.  

At that time,  even that ambition was limited, capped by the conscious and subconscious planted limiting beliefs I didn’t know I had.  I was cautious about dreaming big in order to avoid disappointment. I did not like or could not embrace the idea of potentially failing. That meant that safer choices were always the option rather than being on a constant risk-taking path, and that would allow me to leverage growth in all areas of my life.  I was always scared to be far out of my comfort zone. I even lacked the confidence to seize opportunities that came my way,  and sometimes, I put myself in places and situations that did not truly serve me.

Throughout the years,  as I invested time to work on myself,  I started to witness mind shifts that brought lasting changes to my life. The things that I struggled with and could not get past, became no struggle or bother. I then could easily overcome them, and that was a massive breakthrough on what it takes to make permanent lasting positive shifts in my mindset.

I have learnt that trusting the journey and process of growth has led me to achieve a transformation from within, tap into my potential and start creating the things I want. The growth and changes granted me the vision of being a Transformational Coach. And knowing that many of us women are still at the place that I once was, has been the inspiration to keep sharing my story with many, and creating Woman Elevate; to help other women embrace the journey of personal growth and transformation.

Becoming a coach started from a place of supporting women in my circle, which led to being approached and asked to work with some of them. This made it clear that supporting other women was part of my purpose. Before I took action in doing what I decided, I had to take further education and learn the field of coaching, in order to set up my coaching business.

“Reframe your mind to overcome different types of setbacks, because that is also part of the process to success.”

As you go through this process of continuously uncluttering your mind of things that do not serve you, you unlock the most precious gift; your power from within. Once you tap into that power you become unstoppable.

First things first, you need to be willing to embark on a journey of personal insight, put in the work required to make lasting changes and trust the journey it takes to manifest what you want. The insight is about discovering the real you and being aware of what holds you back. Then, you can remove it all and reframe your mind to overcome different types of setbacks, including fears, hopeless situations, failure and more, because that is also part of the process to success.

Gaining an understanding of effective ways to deal with setbacks and failure, learning strategies and tactics of self-motivation, knowing  your clear WHY will  keep you excited about the bright future that you have ahead of you, and you will become unstoppable. 

Could you briefly tell us the story of a client you’ve deeply connected with? How did you impact their lives as their life coach?

This client of mine had a lot of unresolved relationship issues that she could not see how they impacted her life. As we worked together, she started to reveal the root of her pain and could then see how it showed up in her way of being and living. The breakthrough led her to commit to letting go of some of the negative patterns in order to rebuild herself. I’m proud of her commitment to do the work and make the changes. The positive shift she made helped her progress in her career and in many other areas of her life.

We are still in contact on socials and mailing lists. It brings me joy to see her continue to flourish and make achievements. It’s absolutely rewarding to see clients shift and transform. The positive shift and changes she has made impacted her relationships, and that now reflects radiance and confidence in her being. The last time we caught up, she shared with me that she lets go of emotions that do not serve her and lives a lot more in the present. She felt lighter and at peace with herself and has built stronger and more meaningful connections as she  has moved forward. She is empowered, in control and a lot more confident as she keeps doing the work. She is aligned and committed to continue creating changes in her life. And that’s brilliant. 

What do you think made you unstoppable?

It was having a clear vision of what I really wanted and knowing why I wanted it. That’s what made me unstoppable to continue to achieve various milestones and what I wanted to create in life.

It all started when I decided and committed to the journey of personal growth and development. The journey allowed me to reconnect with my inner self and tap into the power I have within. The journey was crucial to reveal my true self and to know my purpose, to have the vision and develop mental toughness, persistence and resilience to start writing my own success story.

I had become unstoppable the moment I let go of fears and limiting beliefs. I mastered the act of going against challenges, obstacles, roadblocks and going for what I wanted to create in life, instead of following a norm somehow ingrained by many factors from an early age. I had learned to shift from a mindset of scarcity to a mindset of abundance in order to start manifesting my goals. Opening myself  to receive has been a game changer in many areas of my life. That meant that I needed to let go of beliefs that held me back before I could be transformed from within.

“I had learned to shift from a mindset of scarcity to a mindset of abundance in order to start manifesting my goals.”

One thing I share with many ambitious women I connect with is that it’s important that we are able to see what lies underneath and create a foundation to build upon. It’s like the soil, you want to have healthy soil to plant a seed that will then become a plant that will then give you fruits.  We need to cultivate abundance in order to manifest the things we want. Unleash the power that you have within to overpower obstacles through persistence and resilience so you can write your own story.

What makes you feel like that now?

It’s the belief and confidence I have in myself and the trust I have in the process to succeed in creating my vision. I can see the growth and achievements I had since I started working on myself and succeeded.

Over the past few years, I have been continuously investing in learning and developing in all the areas that will support me to achieve the goals I set up for myself. I have mastered the way to overcome anything that comes my way,  the obstacles and roadblocks along the journey to create what I want.

In the past, many things would have thrown me out of the path. Today I see it as a learning experience and a stepping stone to the current level I am at. It’s clear to me that as I elevate,  at each step of the way, I will be faced with new challenges, and that’s part of the journey. 

I have adopted ways of being that align with the woman I am becoming at every level and the goals I want to achieve. I’m intentional, committed and trust the process of continuous learning and evolving to manifest what I really want. Nothing stands in between what I want  to create in life. 

What would be your advice to other women for them to feel the same way?

I truly believe that  there is another level for every woman to get to. There is much more for each and every one of us.  However, If you don’t have a vision and a meaningful Why, then you’re going to fizzle out and quit when things get tough.  Your Why needs to be clear, because it will be the fuel and reason to keep you going when things get tough. You need to have a real desire, commitment and willingness to put in the work needed to make the transformation required for you to manifest all that you want in life. I have moved from a place of fear, doubt and being stuck, to being in the driving seat of my life and taking action to change things that did not serve me or move me closer to my goals. And then, to start manifesting the things I once believed were unattainable. 

Every woman can be unstoppable. Regardless of anything that has happened in the past. Regardless of how many times you have been stopped, stalled, or stuck before. Your belief needs to be unshakable and that requires continued inner work and learning. 

“There is always a new level to get to, a level that you have never operated in and that will require that you realign, understand and learn what is required of you to succeed”

One thing I always share with my clients and the women I connect with, is to trust the process of growth and God. There is always a new level to get to, a level that you have never operated in, and that will require that you realign, understand and learn what is required of you to succeed,  as much as understanding the actions you need to take to manifest your goals. Consider, “What do you need to learn?”. “ What environments do you need to be in?”, “ Who needs to be in your circle?” and very important, “Who do you need to be in the new season ahead? What investments in yourself need to come to play? The continuous inner work on oneself is key to elevate and be unstoppable.

As women, we need to stop burying what we really want and start believing that we are meant to want and have more.

We are here to grow, dream big dreams, and live into our potential.

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