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Maverick Leadership Mastery: The Key to Thriving in Change by Judith Germain     

Judith Germain has been pioneering Maverick Leadership and its power to catalyse global transformation, enabling business owners, leaders, and organisations to thrive in complex, shifting environments. Through The Maverick Paradox, Judith delivers bespoke consultancy, training, coaching, and mentoring to help leaders unlock their ability to strategise, innovate, and execute effectively. In 2023 and 2024, The Maverick Paradox was named Management Training Specialists of the Year at the Innovation and Excellence Awards. Judith was also a finalist in the “Media Businesswoman” category at the Great British Businesswoman Awards 2023. She hosts The Maverick Paradox podcast, ranked in the top 1.5% of global podcasts, and edits The Maverick Paradox Magazine, listed as #28 of the best leadership blogs online. Judith is the author of “The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders.” Her work equips leaders to navigate and excel in complex environments. Judith’s innovative strategies drive transformative success on a global scale. Learn more about her transformative work here.

What has been your primary focus in your work since 2005?

I have always been focused on Maverick Leadership, defining what it is and how to utilise the principles for better outcomes. My initial focus following leaving corporate was on Mavericks themselves, which I defined as wilfully independent people. This was then extended to Maverick Entrepreneurs. Following the publication of my book “The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders”, the launch of The Maverick Paradox Podcast 6 years ago and The Maverick Paradox Magazine 4 years ago, I included how to apply Maverick Leadership in the areas of leadership, culture, change and diversity.

My passion is creating clear thinking and decisive leaders and catalysing transformation within organisations. 

How do you utilize Maverick Leadership to drive global transformation?

Maverick Leadership is an adaptive leadership style that amplifies your own unique ability to influence others, stand out and make a compelling impact. Organisations that utilise Maverick Leadership principles, enhances leadership capability, adapts and challenges what is, to enable what should be.

I utilise Maverick Leadership to drive global transformation in the following ways:

Enabling Leaders and Organisations

Through my consultancy The Maverick Paradox, I deliver bespoke and immersive consultancy, training, coaching, and mentoring to help leaders unlock their ability to strategise, innovate and execute effectively in complex environments. I empower business owners, leaders, and organisations to have the strategic insight, innovation, and execution to enhance their impact and influence by utilising Maverick Leadership principles.

Challenging Assumptions and Insightful Immersion

I create clear-thinking and decisive leaders who execute well, transform the future, and awaken and align others to eclectic possibilities. I do this by challenging hidden assumptions and deploying insightful immersion. My approach enables leaders to adopt a “maverick mindset” of questioning norms and embracing diverse perspectives.

Thought Leadership and Education

I am the author of ‘The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders’, which outlines how leaders can embody Maverick Leadership. I also host The Maverick Paradox podcast and edit The Maverick Paradox Magazine, spreading awareness and education on Maverick Leadership principles.

Collaboration and Advocacy

I founded the The Maverick Paradox and Maverick Paradox Media to help define what makes a Maverick Leader and explore Maverick Leadership in various contexts. I collaborate with a hand-picked network of “Socialised Mavericks” who believe in my philosophy and work towards furthering the education and adoption of Maverick Leadership for the greater good.

In essence, I catalyse global transformation by equipping leaders with the mindset, skills, and strategies of Maverick Leadership, enabling them to drive innovation, challenge assumptions, and create positive change within their organisations and spheres of influence.

What types of services do you offer through The Maverick Paradox?

There are 3 types of services that we offer when creating clear thinking and decisive leaders, and catalysing transformation:


I work with individuals in several ways to help them become clear thinking and decisive leaders:

Executive Mentoring and Coaching

I provide hyper-personalised and deeply engaging one-on-one mentoring and coaching to Senior Leaders and C-Suite executives. This involves:

  • Uncovering their unique “Leadership Identity™” to amplify their impact and influence
  • Tailoring frameworks like my “DRIVEN™” model to their specific needs
  • Helping them understand their capabilities through insightful immersion
  • Enabling them to develop lateral thinking and a “maverick” mindset

Business Owners

I provide the following services to business owners:

Maverick Leadership Consulting

Through utilising my Maverick Leadership Framework™ and Maverick Entrepreneur Accelerator™ I help business owners thrive in complex, constantly changing environments. This involves improving their diversity of thought, influence, and leadership capabilities through training, consultancy, mentoring, or hybrid solutions.

“The Maverick Entrepreneur Accelerator™” helps entrepreneurs to consolidate strategy and execution.

Reputation and Credibility Building

By assisting business owners in building their personal and business reputation and credibility, I enable them to attract clients and standing out from competitors. This includes conducting audits, refining business strategies, and ensuring consistent messaging across all markets.

Strategic Thinking and Execution

By leveraging my ability to strategise, innovate, and execute solutions I enable business owners to enhance their strategic thinking skills and effectively implement their plans for success.

Mentoring and Executive Coaching

Through my “Maverick Entrepreneur Accelerator” programme, I mentor business owners to accelerate their impact, attract ideal clients, and design core offerings that clients want to buy. I help owners gain clarity, impact, influence, and passion for their business.

By working closely with business owners, I aim to empower them as Maverick Leaders, enabling them to lead their businesses with wilful independence, integrity, and a focus on the greater good.


We work with organisations in several capacities:

Leadership Consultant

As leadership consultants, we help organisations develop strategic insight, innovation, and execution capabilities for their leaders and teams. We design solutions to resolve leadership challenges and enable organisations to thrive in changing environments.

Leadership Mentor / Executive Coach

We mentor Board Members, Directors, and Senior Teams, providing guidance on difficult decisions, insights into challenges, and innovative solutions. We also provide executive coaching to identify strengths, weaknesses, and enhance leadership capabilities.

Training and Development

We provide leadership and development consultancy to ensure organisations have the right strategy and development programs for their Directors, Senior Teams, Leaders, and employees. We deliver bespoke and immersive consultancy, training, coaching, and mentoring to unlock leaders’ ability to strategise, innovate and execute effectively.

My “Maverick Leadership Framework™” enhances leadership impact by encouraging “change-eager” leadership.

Speaking Engagements

As a highly acclaimed leadership speaker and “leading authority on Maverick Leadership”, I deliver dynamic talks and workshops. I share insights from my expertise and embody the maverick qualities I advocate.

Authorship and Media

Through my book “The Maverick Paradox”, podcast, and magazine, I provide thought leadership content. This allows individuals to learn from my innovative perspectives on leadership, diversity, and lateral thinking.

The common thread is my focus on immersive, tailored development to help individuals cultivate a “maverick” mindset, strategic thinking, and decisive execution as leaders.

In summary, I work closely with organisations as a consultant, mentor, coach, and trainer to develop leadership capabilities, business strategies, and effective execution at all levels from the C-suite to front-line employees.

What accolades has The Maverick Paradox received in both 2023 and 2024?

We have won:

  • Multi-year winner of the Innovation and Excellence Awards in the Category Management Training Specialists of the Year (2023 and 2024).
  • Most engaging leadership coaching consultancy 2023

Judith Germain has won:

  • Most dedicated leadership coaching businesswoman 2024

Judith Germain was a Finalist:

  • Executive Coach of the Year (Highly Commended)
  • Leadership Excellence (The Leadership Awards)
  • Great British Businesswoman
  • National Facilitator Awards: Engaging Excellence 
  • She Inspires Award: Women in Digital

In which category were you recognized as a finalist at the Great British Businesswoman Awards 2023?

  • Media Businesswoman 

What is the name of the podcast hosted by you, and what distinguishes it in terms of popularity?

The Maverick Paradox Podcast distinguishes itself from other podcasts in the following ways:

  • It explores the concept of “maverick leadership” – being wilfully independent while also influencing and collaborating with others for the greater good. The podcast aims to inspire listeners to stand out, be different, and lead in an effective manner.
  • It features diverse guests from various industries and sectors, including divergent and lateral thinkers. This allows for a wide range of perspectives on maverick thinking and leadership.
  • As the host, I engage in lively conversations with my guests, often asking thought-provoking questions and even respectfully disagreeing at times, which adds depth to the discussions.
  • The podcast is highly ranked, being in the top 1.5% of global popular podcasts and the #2 Best UK Leadership Podcast in 2024, indicating its popularity and quality.
  • It offers different types of themed shows, such as “Alone with Judith” episodes where Judith explores maverick concepts on her own, and conversations with guests on specific topics like introverted maverick leaders or the power of agency.
  • The podcast aims to provide a “treasure chest of knowledge and shared wisdom” for those seeking authenticity and avoiding simply copying others, encouraging listeners to find their own unique leadership styles.

The Maverick Paradox Podcast distinguishes itself through its focus on maverick leadership, diverse guest lineup, engaging host, high rankings, varied show formats, and emphasis on authentic, independent thinking.

Which online platform ranks The Maverick Paradox Magazine among the best leadership blogs?

Feedspot. They rank the best Leadership blogs from thousands of blogs on the web and ranked by relevancy, authority, social media followers and freshness.

What is the title of your book, and what is its focus?

“The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders”. The book focuses on the characteristics and behaviours of “Maverick Leaders” – wilfully independent, high-performing individuals who challenge the status quo and drive change within organisations.

Key Points:

  • Maverick Leaders are top performers who take pride in their work, strive for excellence, and expect the same high standards from others.
  • They are catalysts for change, questioning norms and facilitating innovative solutions.
  • Maverick Leaders work at an intense pace, thinking quickly and considering possibilities several steps ahead.
  • They have the ability to accurately assess the time and effort required to implement change, considering all practical and human aspects.
  • The book emphasises the need for Maverick Leaders who can elevate team performance and drive organisational transformation.
  • It provides insights into the mindset, work ethic, and leadership capabilities of Mavericks through excerpts and examples.

In essence, the book highlights the unique strengths of Maverick Leaders – their drive, execution focus, change-oriented mindset, and ability to influence others – positioning them as catalysts for success in complex and dynamic environments.

Where can individuals learn more about you and your work?

My website –, my LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin/in/judithgermain and the magazine

How have you been contributing to the field of leadership and business innovation?

I have been contributing through my work as a consultant, mentor, author, and founder of The Maverick Paradox. Here are some key ways I have contributed:

Promoting Maverick Leadership Principles

I am considered the leading authority on Maverick Leadership, which emphasises thinking outside the box, challenging the status quo, and enabling individuals and organisations to thrive in complex environments. Through my consulting, training, and content, I help leaders develop lateral thinking, embrace change, and lead with authenticity and confidence.

Enabling Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

I created The Maverick Entrepreneur Accelerator™, which is a framework that helps business owners accelerate their impact, attract the right clients, and execute their vision effectively. I mentor and consult with entrepreneurs, providing strategic guidance and enabling them to become thought leaders in their field.

Amplifying Diverse Voices

I founded Maverick Paradox Media, which includes a magazine and podcast, to provide a global platform for sharing diverse perspectives, leadership insights, and innovative ideas. The podcast has recorded over 400 episodes, and the magazine has published over 1,000 articles from over 180 guest writers, including neurodiverse columnists.

Developing Leadership Frameworks and Models

I have developed several frameworks and models, such as the Maverick Leadership Framework™, Leadership Identity™, and DRIVEN™, to help leaders understand their unique capabilities, increase engagement, and enhance their impact and influence.

Promoting Inclusion and Belonging

I am committed to enabling inclusion and belonging in organisations. I have delivered training on race awareness, allyship, and supporting neurodiverse employees in the workplace, empowering individuals to share their expertise on a global scale.

Through my multifaceted approach, I have contributed to advancing leadership practices, fostering business innovation, amplifying diverse voices, and promoting inclusive and effective organisational cultures.

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