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Majlinda Bufi – Contributing towards global progress

Majlinda Bufi

As a woman and Mayor of Roskovec, I am contributing towards global progress


By Fati Gorezi

Majlinda Bufi has been the Mayor of Roskovec, a town and a municipality in Fier County, south-central Albania since the June 2015 elections. Bufi was formerly a deputy of the Socialist Party but renounced the mandate in order to run her native town. For more than three years she has been in charge of Roskovec, a successful and challenging task in itself. Her relationship with Roskovec is interesting, emotional as well as visionary. Her mission is to improve the quality of life in that city and to offer the citizens more prosperity, a stable economy and a harmonious social life. For Majlinda it is not easy to describe herself, but others describe her as good-looking, visionary, realistic and passionate about what she does. It seems, among other things, that she has inherited the values ​​of her land of birth – generosity and hospitality and the moral principles that have contributed to her professional success and personal growth as a woman and as a human being.

In this interview Majlinda talks about the careers and the position of women in the world and her perspective for the future of women in politics. The meeting with her, from the first minute, shows that her personality is not ordinary. We expected to meet a lady ‘official’ with a serious look and instead she arrived with a relaxed appearance,  that reflected her optimism for life.

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