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Being educated and working in the Netherlands and Suriname, Jane has diverse roles under her belt. She has a perspicacious eye for culture which has seen her promoted to the heights as Head Chairman of a social foundation. This is a position most people never seize. Women need representation and Jane does not shy away from carrying that responsibility. Jane champions self-integration and excels in imparting her knowledge and expertise in Human Capital Management to that purpose. Jane has a master’s in NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and it has come to fruition in her professional life. To best follow Jane’s example, you should be ready to make your own mistakes, find your untapped genius and bet—all-in—on the empowerment of women across the globe.

Throughout my education and work experience in the Netherlands and Suriname, I have developed my expertise in various roles. I have emerged out of education and work experience with a keener perception of culture and mastery of my management thereof. This is evident in my expertise in various roles. This proficiency I have developed, time and time again, through finding opportunities to explore the globe beyond my comfort zone. This work experience has been rooted in the Netherlands and Suriname, fantastic opportunities indeed.

The platform from which my career took off was the Municipality of Amsterdam. This began in the year of 1990 where I fulfilled various roles with shining success and various capacities with diligent devotion. Included in the functions I had to assume were Project Leader of Parking Facility Supervisors and Controllers, and Vice Chairman of the Managing Diversity Platform.

This was an absolutely fundamental opportunity to flourish at my best early in my career. In 2010 I decided to work on a freelance basis. In this year I found purpose and passion to be in my element as a consultant and a socially engaged worker in the field of my expertise.

I have “broken the mould” of mediocrity and continue to contribute to mental health campaigns towards global progress and support.

As the Head Chairman of a social foundation, also having been on the board of a society club, I can confidently attest to the global need for successful women in positions most people never attain. I place much gratitude on my talents as a wordsmith through poetry in today’s contemporaneous abundance in opportunity. As Jay A. Lecton my official pseudonym and brand I’ve two poem albums: ‘What is Love?’ and the one coming soon ‘Devine Sundays’.

By 2018 I applied these talents, primarily for the first time. In 2020 I moved into the dynamic domain of politics—immediately networking and thereby growing. Today, as a member of the Democrats 66 (D66), I am convinced of my political progress. I have “broken the mould” of mediocrity and continue to contribute to mental health campaigns towards global progress and support. I believe one ought to be a participant to see results rather than visions unfulfilled. One of the visions I pursue is to be a participator amongst today’s global trailblazers.

The sphere of motivating women to engage more in politics. I believe women ought to be represented at home and abroad; stones we left unturned along the way are crucial today more than ever before. The stigmatised section of health – mental health – is such a stone. Therefore, turning it over and removing that stigma is essential for my future successes in this area. I participate in workgroups that build mental resilience and promote mental health advancement.

I expect momentous change towards this neglected group as well as women on a macrocosmic scale: the sky truly is the limit! I also serve national workgroups: Accessible Politics and More Women in Politics.

My personal Motto is: “Dream dreams never dreamed before… Walk paths never walked before!”

My ambitions are, to put it succinctly:

  1. achieving a key position within politics to serve the citizens of the Netherlands.
  2. to create a future as a writer.

My personal Motto is: “Dream dreams never dreamed before… Walk paths never walked before!” This centers around innovation and a spirit of steadfast diligence. Without fulfilling your dreams, you can hardly come to conceive of an accomplished or fulfilled self-image. That is why I believe our purpose in life is to integrate our deepest dreams with this image of the self, using every tool at our disposal in a positive way. If we are truly resourceful then the horizon certainly is unlimited.

Eight of the most important courses I completed are:

  1. All-round Diversity Management
  2. HR Management
  3. Masters Neuro Linguistic Programming
  4. Communication & Presentation skills and techniques
  5. Business reading & writing ++
  6. Management within Educational Institutions
  7. Effective networking and acquisition
  8. Time Management

My expertise ranges diversely; my curiosity culls its interests widely. Human Capital Management is one area of expertise I confidently incorporate. Human Capital Management is the process of acquiring, training, managing, and retaining employees. This is for the purpose of their contributions— which are supposed to be effective— within the organisation. Additionally, this is intended to improve their skills and extract the best out of them.

My Master’s in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) taught me how to use a scientific approach to examine the inner workings of the mind. NLP examines how our thoughts, emotions, actions and even language works as a whole to affect our behaviour and personality.

I have been educated in courses based on communication, presentation skills, and techniques; business reading and writing; Management within Educational Institutions; effective networking and acquisition; lastly, time management.

My expertise in Human Capital Management lends itself to managing diversity, the NLP skills and knowledge I have picked up and my career as a Business Process Redesigning coach. My expertise has a name you might be familiar with: inter-disciplinary specialisation. This breadth stems from my ability to cultivate and remain open both studiously and professionally.

In my personal life my hobbies and interests are just as ambidextrous. I don’t shy away from lengthy discourses on History or Politics, with a great attention span. I also likely share passions with you in music and taking travel trips across the globe. Not least yet last, I am thrilled by nature and hiking through a countryside trail or path vigorously where I find fascination and a deeper tranquility inside.

Educating yourself, working on your strengths in sports as an example, investing the time in family and friends—people often miss out an important factor of a successful life in overlooking simplicities like this.

Life is not only about business, I often affirm. It is a real pandemic that many have concocted schedules, painful routines and drab visions to accompany their mundanity. Getting engulfed in the nine-to-five mentality has been warned against by many motivational speakers including Mel Robbins who left her life as a lawyer to pursue a better life catapulted to success by a TEDx talk in 2011.

Educating yourself, working on your strengths in sports as an example, investing the time in family and friends—people often miss out an important factor of a successful life in overlooking simplicities like this. Independence is not only a word found next to “financial,” so it is very important to know what you are about.

We are all and one blessed with creativity. I believe in personal genius and untapped potential outside the cemetery. It is very important to know your creative abilities. One must market, upsell, and promote their skills and any skilled communicator will vouch for this: it takes concrete knowledge to impart concrete knowledge. It is very important to know where you are coming from and what your past means to your future, where you are going and want to be!

A fun exercise follows. Picture a rainbow stretched across a sunny horizon in your mind. Find out more about who you are with each answer:

Where is the end of that rainbow?

Where is that pot of gold?

What is that pot of gold?

How do you want to achieve getting there?

What are the necessary steps to take?

Who do I need?

What do I need?

Sharp focus must be assumed at every step and decision on the way to ‘getting where you want and need to be!’

You have to be ONE with yourself! Accept yourself as you are and do not hide parts of your qualities, even when you might think these parts of your qualities do not suit your business. Do not hide your disabilities or personal deficits; by showcasing them liberally you let people know that you are human and not afraid to fail and fall forward. By falling you do not fail. You just learn how you can do things better! Be true to yourself and let it show! Businesspeople pick that up. It can be inspiring and motivating for them to work with you! Honest authenticity sells! Sometimes your path changes for the better by showing ALL of yourself in spite of your doubting.

As a single mom of a great 26-year-old son I have learnt to let my son act on his own and let him make his own mistakes. Making his own mistakes is crucial to become a better person! I believe in mental health and uniting unified conscious leadership. Working together by talking about the sentiments we share without letting petty differences stand in our way describes one of my central principles. This is my way of being.

I believe in the freedom of choice. I let people be who they are without force. I believe in dialogue and not in war. I believe in nourishing positivity and taking two steps away from negativity. I never back out or down! I believe in the power of the female figure and the empowerment of women!

I believe in “Global Women”! I choose to be whole and ONE with myself and I advise all of you global women to do that too. Will you make the same choice today?

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