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Helping women heal broken heart and move on

Sabrina Rantin

Helping women heal broken heart and move on

By Fatima Gorezi 

With over 15 years of experience in the corporate world, Sabrina Rantin has seen first hand what builds a successful team. Today, she is the CEO of Explosive Business, a multimillionaire Business Coaching Company that went from Zero to 5.2 Million USD in 18 months. After becoming one of the leaders of the French coaching industry, Explosive Business decide to expand to the global market beginning by Europe, North America and Australia. As the right hand woman of Eric Behanzin, the founder of Explosive Business, Sabrina became an International Speaker and a leading authority in building teams that will directly result in a profitable business in any industry. Her credo : If you want to have lifetime clients, you must have lifetime employees. On Stage, her fire becomes contagious and her powerful words encourages every entrepreneur to transform any trials in a gift he will use for his teams and clients.

Please tell us about your childhood; where did you grow up?

I come from Guadeloupe an overseas region of France in the Caribbean and I was born in the commune of Morne-à-L’Eau. I moved to UK when I was 18.


Can you please tell us about your career path—i.e., how did you get to your current position?
For 15 years, I’ve been an executive assistant for different multinational corporations, but it was just to pay my bills. I remember that little inner voice that echoed regularly inside me: “Sabrina, what are you doing here? this is not your place!”. Although this decision was very difficult, I left everything to pursue my passion. Since 2009, I had been giving singing lessons during evenings in addition to my job. In 2014, I therefore resigned to work full-time as a singing teacher and choir director in a singing school. I also took care of the administrative and marketing pole.
In 2014, I joined a MasterMind class and met a coach: that is when my life made a quantum leap. I then understood how important it is to know oneself (my core values, gifts or talents, having a vision etc..) the importance of one’s environment, and know what you really want in life. So, based on my personal story, I created an online program to help women recover from a break-up.
In 2016, I became a Coach. In 2017, my friend (for 14 years now) who is a Business Coach called on my services to manage his team and also to support him in the development of his company. After much hesitation, I agreed to take a 3-month trial to see if I could do it. For 2 years, I have held the position of CEO and it is a very challenging and exciting adventure.

Please describe the things you do on a typical day

I wake up at 6am, I grab a glass of water, I do my savers (The SAVERS Method developed by Hal Elrod in his book Miracle Morning), I Work out for 30 min, I shower. This routine help me start my day with the attitude of a lion, help me keep my energy high and stay focused during the day.

At 8 am I call the lawyer, the fiduciary firm, accounting etc… to deal with the important matters, and transactions of the 4 companies in Europe.

I then have a call with the chairman of the Board to make a report, talk about the vision and the results of the company, implement new ideas and strategies…

Delegating to the team.

Following up with our clients.

I deal with urgent but not important matters at the end of the day or I delegate them.

Following my management training and English courses also make up a good part of my day.

You have been named as one of the best leaders in the coaching industry in France. How do you keep the balance in your life while maintaining such high productivity?

To be true, it’s not easy because I have the tendency to push myself to give the best to my mission through the company. I won’t tell my life is balanced because we have a great relationship in my company, and my colleagues became my best friends. After all, it’s all about being energised and happy about what you’re doing. When I get out of bed in the morning, I am full of gratitude for the life I have today. When I hear the results of our clients and how their lives have changed because of our coaching, it inspires me to keep doing what I do and to give my very best each day.

It seems people and businesses must apply your recommendations on their own to be successful; how can they keep themselves motivated?

We have a follow-up Facebook group where we answer every single question of our clients. Our clients took the initiative to create a WhatsApp group to inspire each other. We also recently decided to give them live webinars each month to keep them accountable. We are in total immersion with our clients for three days every three months to help them maintain the right mindset, giving them the right strategy to grow and scale their business, and strengthen their relations.

Recently one of our clients called me because she was feeling down, and overwhelmed. After listen to her carefully, I made her realize that she already had the solution. All she had to do is to change her own perception and change her strategy. The day after she told me that few minutes after our conversation she closed the deal she thought she lost.

What about you? What’s the most challenging moment you’ve experienced?

I would say the first time I had to fire someone. I hired a person from the accounting department, few weeks after my gut was telling me that this person wasn’t a good fit for the job, even though everything went well at the Interview. Later on, that person wasn’t productive. I realized that my choice cost money and energy to the company and I was the only one responsible. My biggest challenge was to fire that person fast because my EGO got in the way. But I am glad that experience taught me humility and responsibility.

How important is having the right motivation to be successful?

It’s essential and it’s more than just motivation. In our programs, we literally transform our clients by using their souls and bodies in the process.To scale their businesses, entrepreneurs have to think, feel and speak differently before acting. This is why we put in place a 6 min protocol based on “Miracle Morning” the book from Hal Elrod. It is called SAVERS. Here is the structure : 

S for Silence, Prayer or Meditation, A for Affirmation, V for Visualisation, E for Exercise, R for Reading, S for Scribing

I think everyone needs to practice a daily routine to help them become the Super Hero they meant to be in every area of their life. We need to develop a discipline, and habits that help us change our old paradigm. Because we succeed by change, not by chance.

You are a great advocate for supporting women as well; Can you tell us more about why you choose to do this, and the importance of this in today’s world?

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talents in the world” Hillary Clinton is sooooo right. I think women ought to stop, once and for all, remaining the weak sex. I firmly believe, that as long as they get deep confidence in themselves, women can do it all. They can become whatever they want, with courage and determination.

Every morning I say to myself: “I am on a mission”. I ask myself how far my actions and decisions move the company forward and inspire those who have a stronger desire to change their lives but are still afraid to act. That’s one of the reasons I do what I do; TO INSPIRE and to say that if we want things to change WE GOT TO CHANGE.  I didn’t ask for permission: I did what my gut was telling me to do. I think that sometimes we are waiting for somebody else to walk in our shoes and do what we’re supposed to do. It’s time for women to rise and hunt and fight like lionesses . This world needs women with values, who are ready to fight for what is right. 

It’s about impacting and changing generations. Our mission, or calling, it’s always bigger than us, but it starts with a simple act of decision.


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