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Unveiling the Path of Love Leadership: Insights from a Global Mentor

Dive into the realm of love leadership and legacy mentoring with a seasoned expert whose journey is a testament to the transformative power of love and resilience. Meet Gayle Berry, a dynamic force shaping lives and communities across the globe. With over two decades of diverse experience spanning corporate leadership, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy, Gayle embodies the essence of authentic leadership grounded in the wisdom of the heart. Join us as we unravel her inspiring narrative of triumph over adversity, and glean invaluable insights on nurturing love, empowering others, and crafting a life of purpose and abundance.

As a “love leader and legacy mentor”, how do you inspire others to lead with love?

I believe in a balance between knowledge and strategy and the embedment of your unique frequency as a leader and trusting the wisdom of the heart. I share from a place of lived experience so that it is authentic and grounded. I have over 23 years experience leading myself in a corporate career, as a mother, as a global entrepreneur and thought leader, mentor and charity founder. All this grounded experience means I speak from a place of wisdom and encourage others to do the same. I believe that love is the truth and when we use these as our centre of centres we are happy, free and at peace. I encourage my clients to set the highest vision for themselves and then take consistent and persistent action to work towards what you desire and holding the intention to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. My mantra across my businesses is love creates love. When you love yourself you have a greater capacity to love others who then express themselves in more love creating more love for the world. Through my global community of over 2000 teachers at Blossom & Berry we have impacted over a million babies by teaching love.

You’ve had an inspiring journey of overcoming challenges. What advice do you have for others facing adversity?

All things shall pass. Surrender and take action from the highest version of yourself. When we get bogged down with “doing”, liberating yourself by reconnecting to your why and feeling the joy in the moment. Everything in life is a lesson and a growth experience. Some of the hardest events in my life have allowed me to understand myself more and get greater alignment. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way but we are not in control of the world only how we respond to it. Radical responsibly and cleaning up your own energy, space, relationships and life brings more love into the world.

How have your experiences with illness, divorce and solo parenting shaped your approach to empowering others?

It was a great shock when my ex husband had a stroke at 39. I was a young mum with three children under 10. It happened out of the blue and was very traumatic to witness my husband having seizures and in terrible pain. He didn’t remember any of it but myself and my daughter witnessed the whole thing and it told a while to integrate. I realise that the moment to live your life is now and it made me want to me more in the energy ion gratitude and “aliveness” Getting divorced was a difficult decision as my family means the whole to me but my ex husband and I had grown apart and wanted different things. We had been together for over 23 years and when we met we were very similar but becoming an entrepreneur, leader and philanthropist changed me and so we had less in common. We still love each other very much, enjoy parenting our children and share our dog! We have a great relationship but it is different. I love being a parent, solo or not solo. My children are my inspiration and I love everything about them and what they have taught me. Becoming a mother was my greatest transformation and I am learning more and more everyday. My children have shaped my business in all ways from freedom based flexible learning to being an advocate for infant mental health. 

What inspired you to start Love Millions Academy and how has it helped people discover their potential?

I believe that everyone is here to share their unique gift and expression. That we all bring medicine for the world when we own our gifts, Through amplifying our message we get to bring more love into the world and love millions. The impact you have may be huge and visible or small and invisible but no act of love is wasted and there is no hierarchy of love, I believe we are all miracles. We are born as 100% love with the potential to create what we desire but through our experiences and the expectations placed on us we forget who we are and loose our way. When we remember we are 100% love then we can achieve great things for ourselves and humanity and create a connected, peaceful society. I know that I am 100% love and what I am here to do. I am here to impact millions through my businesses and charitable projects which are all based on love, connection and community. I am here to receive millions so that I can share that wealth with the world, supporting my family, investing in my team and to allow it flow to so many other people. I am here to contribute millions because as I receive I pass this on and pay it forward to empower others to reach their full potential. This vibration creates change in the world.  My clients describe me as is an incredible person, leader and entrepreneur who models by example. I have cultivated and nurtured a global community on my own terms-which has to involve love, fun, creativity and collaboration. I am a game changer for my clients helping them to reveal the next level of leadership by integrating any limiting beliefs and activating their love and light in the world. I have worked with many social impact entrepreneurs, leaders and creative mavericks looking to bring more love into the world with their work.

As a founder of multiple successful businesses, what lessons have you learned about entrepreneurship and wealth creation?

Follow your passion and your bliss so that you are in a high vibration. Thats what I believe creates activation and impact. Balancing all your ideas so that you work on one at a time as much as you can. Investing in the best mentors and coaches that I can so I can be my best. I also have an amazing team who are all in their genius zone which means I can be in mine. Investing in myself and others creates a rich and wealthy environment where we can all succeed together and create value. I believe business is relational and transactional and when you bring people together so much evolves. It’s important to be fearless in what you believe in and focus in on your unique gift to the world. When we are all in our highest vibration the world its evaluated in love. I believe that entrepreneurship is a force for good in the world creating joy and happiness and relieving pain and suffering. 

You’re passionate about charitable work and giving back. How has philanthropy enriched your life and the lives of others?

I started my charity by accident! I wanted to give back when I was 40 and tried to find a charity to give bursary training for early childhood nurturing care and also help orphanage staff offer nurturing touch as a way to connect to babies in their care helping to develop optimum infant mental health. I could’t find one at all until one day I was at a festival and bought a pair of magic sunglasses called Love Specs. They were amazing and I were made by a charity in Malawi, Love Support Unite to raise funds. I got in touch with them with the ideas for how I could help and before I knew it I was on a plane going to Malawi. The rest is history as I fell in love with the ethos of the  charity, the incredible people, the grass roots work and the empowerment of communities leading from the front. I need up setting up a permanent project and then became a co founder and the UK director for a number of years alongside my businesses. It was challenging at times but we have raised over £100k through major donors and sales of Love Specs. Love Support Unite focuses on sustainable development, education, health and early childhood development. We work with local project managers to honour cultural practices and traditions as well as offering opportunities to learn new skills. 

As a mother, what life lessons have you learned from your children and how has motherhood influenced your work?

Being a mother is everything to me. Its my North Star and everything I believe in. Having children lead me to leave my career as a project finance lawyer in the city to become a baby massage instructor which was the first step in creating my million pound business. All the way through I have balanced my life with my children so that I can enjoy both to the maximum. My children know I love what I do and I inspire them. They have been able to travel with me and visit my charitable project in Malawi. I hold the energy of the Empress. As an archetype she holds mothering energy that nurtures projects, family and humanity. The Empress energy combines the energy of the queen and the lover. In my family I lead with love and I love to nurture and give. From this energy I have received so much and I have a beautiful family that I am deeply connected to.

What books or resources would you recommend for people wanting to develop themselves through self-reflection and inner work?

Nature. Nature. Nature! Working with the elements and developing your intuition. I work with an altar in my home which is in devotion to the elements and the energy of infinite creation. Through developing my intuition alongside strategy, activation and constant action I have balance and harmony in my life. The mind can give us much but the body and the heart allows infinite access to possibilities. I love to read and listen to podcast but I also love to be in nature, to dance and do breath work. 

How do you maintain a work-life balance as an in-demand speaker and coach while continuously learning and growing?

I love what I do and choose joy. I reinvent myself regularly and if I feel out of alignment, I move! I can’t stay with something that no longer fits. Boundaries have been a challenge to me in the past and I can have a tendency to over give but I am aware of this and balance with receiving. I love to travel, have new experiences and meet people. All these things energies me and inspire me to express myself more and be in my full creativity. I also love to sleep, take naps, get lots of sunshine and enjoy spending time on my own. I am a sociable introvert.

What does your “most glorious life surrounded by incredible humans” look like and how can others create their own glorious lives?

This is a great question as I wrote a book called “The Love Story Of My Life” 

In my story it goes like this.

Once upon a time there was a girl called Gayle. She saw the magic, creativity and freedom in the world everyday. She loved to play and had a beautiful imagination but as she grew up and listened to other people she took a turn down a path that led her into a world of structure, rules and control as a lawyer in London. She became deeply unhappy and asked for divine guidance to help her find a new path and was blessed with her daughter (and two boys) who brought her the gift of true unconditional love and joy.

She turned her back on all she knew and followed her heart to teach love across the world to parents and babies and spread more joy, peace and connection. She was able to empower 1000s of others to do the same because she knew that love creates love.

She had many magical adventures along the way, met incredible humans and felt the sun on her face and the earth beneath her feet everyday. She was truly grateful for her life everyday and received so much love. She created books, films, courses, communities, charitable projects and received joy, abundance and wealth from it all.

She also navigated some big challenges and chapters including sudden illness, divorce, solo parenting and revisiting childhood trauma.

She realised that she was the creator of her own reality and could choose a life of love, peace and grace. From this place her deepest desire grew, to reflect to others their greatness inside and activate their love to build connection and community across the world. She connected deeply with the elements of Earth, nature and her guides and found union and peace.

She has the most glorious life surrounded by incredible humans living in the frequency of unconditional love and compassion.

And the story continues everyday

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