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Financial Literacy, a Passport to Financial Freedom

By Sujany Baleswaran

As our previous keynote speaker of Global Woman Summit, Kim Kiyosaki says, ‘a man is not a financial plan.’ With centuries of placing financial power in the hands of a man, stuck in the outdated gender role of ‘housewife,’ women are losing the shackles of gender stereotypes. In this post-pandemic world, where an increasing number of women have stepped into the shoes of sole earner, graduating with degrees, thriving in male-dominated industries, choosing the path of entrepreneurship, we are at the pinnacle of female empowerment.   

We have made strides in the fight for equality, but the fight for financial equality still continues. With the increased action to close the gap with movements such as #MeTooPay and the approaching Equal Pay Day, women, as well as ethnic minorities and the young, are still being identified to be economically deprived in comparison to the national average. Studies after studies have shown the correlation between economic deprivation and financial awareness.

An increasing number of women feel confident making financial decisions and taking calculated steps towards financial security. However, there are still many women hindered by financial anxiety. A life juggling careers, business, motherhood and the responsibilities of life, often leaves the ideas of investment, retirement and financial plans behind in the chaos. And the world of money, pay checks, bills and debt is a daunting one. Financial literacy is the passport to financial freedom. Research has shown that 78% of people are living pay check by pay check, and the solution is financial education. From budgeting, saving, paying bills, debt, investing to retirement, financial literacy belongs in schools. Every individual should be taught the basics of the world of finance and it’s never too late to start. Stay tuned for more articles leading up to International Women’s Day, where we delve deeper into how to feel financially empowered, a guide to financial literacy and financial freedom.

As a contribution to International Women’s Day, Global Woman are hosting the Financial Empowerment Conference on Tuesday 8th March. Are you on your journey to financial freedom? We have a day filled with world-class speakers, exclusive masterclasses and plenty of opportunity for networking, helping you navigate your financial goals. Bringing together experts, thinkers, entrepreneurs, professionals, business moguls, women and men, Global Woman aim to create a space to help you achieve financial empowerment.

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