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Awareness is the key to empower your life forever

Awareness is the key to empower your life forever

By Fatima Gorezi 

Mik Moves is sailor captain, professional coach and counsellor, and water whisperer. Blending her exceptional gifts with gained skills throughout the years, she founded MikMoves® to offer exclusive sailing retreats to change-makers in business and organisations.  With her remarkable capacities and practical insights, she effectively and comfortably takes her clients beyond their comfort zone and help them to reach their full potential. Finding their own truths, her clients can choose to either create an authentic life or manifest innovative projects and business ventures or even end up having both. Mik uses her capacity with water to enhance consciousness on the planet and facilitates the progress of the participants during the sailing retreats.  In addition, she uses her outstanding ability to tune into one’s universe and flawlessly touch on the pain points and teach how to release limiting beliefs in a gentle yet lasting effective way. Living the nomad life, free from the system, she is an inspiration and non-judgmental and non-conclusive visionary, utilising her antennas to pick up on energies creating for the future.


In your life, you have gained a lot of respect as a coach and counsellor. Did your career develop in the way you had planned and expected it to be or was it full of unexpected surprises?

I believe I have been subconsciously and consciously steering this life and my career to where it is today. Sometimes aware of that push in the back, to go in a certain direction, or being pulled by forces we can’t see. Not like following a track towards a goal in the traditional sense. It’s more like the ease of having no conclusive decisions on how it’s meant to be in any moment. Letting the magic happen. It’s about taking each next step intentionally every time, also with the realisation that it’s just a choice and I can choose again in any next moment. It’s not about making calculated cognitive decisions, it’s more like going with what feels good. “Follow your gut”; people say. I trust this awareness of mine that knows exactly what’s okay for me. And that’s personal; whatever is a contribution to me doesn’t have to be to anyone else. It’s my inner compass, no-one else’s. My career has taken interesting turns and it has all come together over time. I see now, how in essence it’s all about creating. And all my experiences and education that I ever received have gracefully blended into my ‘Release & Create’ programs on the sea aboard elegant catamarans.  So, to say I planned that or expected that… no way!

How would you describe your life experience? When did you realise that you have a mission and purpose in this world?

I can’t remember it being any different than wanting to change the world my whole life. And I walked a few paths to try out which way I could contribute. I did it the rebellious way, the peaceful way, the artist way, and eventually just by being me, expanding awareness as much as possible and empowering others to do the same. It was when I had a recurring dream where I was looking over the bow of an assailing boat, moving on a bright clear sea, with a sunny sky overhead. It was persistent and I felt something was going to change. By asking inquisitive questions to myself, the whole sailing adventure unfolded rapidly and with ease, as if it was meant to be. I simply started moving in the direction of where I am today by trusting my inner guide.Today I am a sailor captain with water whisperer capacities and I now use that to facilitate my clients during my exclusive sailing retreats. The coaching and counselling has moved onto the water. Having been born on the water it seems life comes full circle when I stepped out of my so-called comfort zone to find that’s when my life started making sense again. My purpose might be to walk my talk and be an example for others to create their own happiness just like that. I am contributing to changing the world with that too.

Do you think that you are who you are today because of your genes and your destiny or because you worked hard to make it happen?

I believe it’s a combination of a variety of factors. The place in the world I was born, my parents, my upbringing, all have a great deal to do with it. Keeping all options open, maybe I even chose that before I got here on this planet. I believe it is more about being present and aware of yourself. I can work hard as in being committed and invested with all my time and focus, but ‘working hard’ sounds forceful. Being consciously aware in the creation process sounds like way more fun. That’s how I see it and do it. And I have always chosen to do what I was passionate about.

How did you find the direction of your journey; who supported you, and what made you become who you are today?

I found direction by becoming 100% truthful to myself and trusting myself. Blindly. Call it intuition if you want; it’s what I developed like a muscle strengthened by practising daily. I noticed hunches, instinct, sudden ideas, insights… I followed that with much more wonder and eagerness than going over the pros and cons my thinking mind is programmed to come up with. Instead, I ask questions and I wonder truly what will show up. I am immensely  grateful of where that approach to life has guided me. I have been on the most unbelievable adventures that way. All the people on my way have supported that someway or the other. It’s all the experiences combined, with the people and relationships and the content of the adventures that made me become who I am today. My daughter maybe most of all, because she was the one who set me free to go on worldwide sailing adventures; she fired me from being a mom in the traditional way.

What are the best ways to push ourselves out of our comfort zone every day?

Don’t push. Just expand your energy. I have wonderful exercises for that. Best advice is: don’t judge, don’t conclude. Be aware when you do and let it go. It might sound strange, but it is really only your judgments, beliefs and points of view that keep you where you are. When you can observe without reacting that’s when your own walls come down.

Do you believe that we can turn our weaknesses to strengths? And how can we do this?
Well, what if that which is considered a weakness is actually a strength? It’s just a perception, I believe. Again, a place to let go of presumptions, conclusions and judgments, points of view and beliefs about what weakness and strength mean to you. Then start to embrace your capacity by observing how it is contributing to you in real life. Remember always to take care of yourself before others, just like the airplane safety instructions tell you to put on the oxygen mask first before attending to the children.

How would you describe your business? How do you empower people?
MikMoves stands for creating liberating change. Freeing yourself from whatever holds you back in a way that you don’t need to figure out or relive what is keeping you stuck. Within that freed-up space you can move forward to imagine and shape your own new or revised reality. I empower people by showing them the way to reconnect with their own source of knowing. I am not just telling them to do it, I demonstrate how to do it.

What would be your advice for women who also want to be self-employed?
Trust your awareness! And if you can’t or don’t know how to, then learn that before you do anything else. You’ll find your authenticity through self-awareness and when you have that, the unfolding and growth of your business will be so much easier.

How do you see your business from a global perspective?
Global. Haha.

As a businesswoman what are the biggest challenges that you currently face?

I don’t perceive anything as a ‘challenge’. Instead, I am aware of other people’s points of view and their judgments and conclusions that create their challenges, but I refuse to accept them as mine. I focus on possibilities in opportunities and intentionally choosing my next move. I love creating in that generative way. I don’t fear change, as that is merely suggesting that things are moving. What if I keep asking: “How does it get even better than this?” Then what would that create? What I wish for is that I may inspire others to get to the point of seeing and perceiving anything from different angles than they were used to, and that they have a choice in that. It all comes down to that awareness aspect that with practise keeps expanding. From there on, anything is possible.

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