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Amsterdam – Netherlands


Connecting women locally, empowering them globally


We aim to unite professional women around the world, regardless of their age, culture or race. To encourage them to stand in their power, invest in themselves and grow their skills and abilities by learning and leadership development.

We do this by providing a safe, caring and supportive environment in which women can get support and services; take part in events, training and activities and become active in bringing about change for themselves and the society.

Education leads to empowerment. We provide women with access to a wide variety of information, knowledge and opportunities to implement them so they can make the right decisions.

Global Woman Business Club helps women to build their confidence and belief that they can be successful in whatever they do. We help them build their brand

Supporting women’s professional and personal development through education and training

About Giovana Vega

Getting to know Giovana, her background, her business now, how she got to know and became involved with Global Woman, and then the Regional Director. Why she loves it and her own vision and personal perspective for growing Global Woman Club in Amsterdam and connecting globally.

Giovana Vega is a certified forex trader, author, owner and founder of Trading for Women and the Regional Director of Global Woman Club Amsterdam. Trading for Women is a platform for women, by women to learn about trading, the forex market and how to efficiently use your money. Our web-based programme aims to guide and set a benchmark for all women out there to become a successful trader.

At ‘Trading for Women,’ we are trying to bring out a change. We want to establish women as worthy traders, fit to be placed among professional traders. We understand that a woman multitasks, trying to balance her life between work and family responsibilities.

We respect her decision, and that is why we have given her access to the Internet, to create a world of her own. Our company is about educating and inspiring women about these 3 pillars to create a new generation of independent women: Money Mindset, Wealth and Lifestyle.

Originally from Peru, and living in the Netherlands for 20 years now, I met my husband in 1997 in Madrid, fell in love and moved to the Netherlands.

I made a smooth transition into the Netherlands culture, learning the language and studying book-keeping in Dutch, as well. After that I found a job at a major international trading company in Amsterdam. Two years ago, after working 15 years for different trading corporation in Amsterdam in financial control, I decided to start my own business and follow my passion in financial markets.

This is what I have been doing since then, teaching other women to create wealth through the financial markets. I realised the need for women to be empowered and my goal is to help them achieve their highest potential in the trading sector. I have written my book, Trading for Success, 8 Secrets Why Women are Better Forex Traders.

I came into contact with Global Woman in Amsterdam, in March 2017. I was attending a seminar event, where Mirela Sula was the keynote speaker and she talked about the power of our thoughts. After I had heard her speech I was very impressed about her knowledge. She talks with conviction and at the same time she is humble and a connector, she is a truly leader. These values about her took my attention and because of that I decided to be part of the Global woman community.

By becoming a member of Global Woman Club, I have access to be featured in the Global Woman Magazine, where I shared my message to the world. In five years from now, I see myself as a global conscious leader in trading. I see myself reaching at least one million women in the world with my message. I am a woman who is always on the outlook for possibilities. I see myself running my global company , created to provide financial education for women.

Mirela Sula introduced herself as the founder and editor in

chief of Global Woman magazine, and as the creator of Global Woman Club. She shared with me her vision and mission, and talked about the new paradigm of changing the world, about empowering women, about female values and capabilities, and that resonated with me. We need more women as leaders and I started to connect with the members of Global Woman Club and I seen so much beauty, intelligence and supportiveness in that community.

I fell in love with this community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and I wanted to be part of this community. I love working with women and supporting them to become greater and live their life to their full potential.

There is a famous quote of Jim john: “We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with”. The only way to succeed, in my opinion, is to surround yourself with the right people, with people who think like you and want you to succeed.

I just knew that Global Woman was the community for me, and this is the path that I decided to follow. I have noticed that the Global Woman Club community don’t focus on perfection but they praise mistakes and learn from them.

The community is there to give a safe space for women so they can grow their self-confidence but also network and promote our business. I believe that every human being is unique and special in their own way. Mirela Sula is for me a role model in business, she was my mentor, she is my friend and business partner and I am grateful that I am part of her circle.

My second Amsterdam networking breakfast was in October 2017 and it has been an amazing experience so far. I have received many positive responses from Dutch women entrepreneurs, and I receive daily messages on social media asking about the Global Woman community. They love the idea of having an international platform so that they can spread their message in the world.

They are taking the step to think big to promote their business, not just local but global, and they see the potential of living in a globally connected world. We come together every month and I love to hear that they are connecting with other Global Woman Club members in other countries, and some of them are collaborating and working together by organising retreats and seminars. It is just amazing the energy we have in our community. A collaborative and supportive community of soul-sisters.

My vision for the future of Global Woman is that this community will achieve a great number of members in the coming years, because I see the enthusiasm in women entrepreneurs joining our community. Global Woman Club envisions a world where women are represented equally in business. Not only because it is fair, but also because diversity drives innovation and results in a more competitive economy.

We believe that if we challenge the old traditions in business and increase the numbers of women as entrepreneurs, we will empower communities, nations and create a better world.

Giovana Vega

Regional Director

Empowering Women Locally – Connecting Women Globally.

Giovana Vega
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