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L.A Roberts: “The time is now- How to progress in life”

L.A. Roberts, after many ups and downs in her life, now describes herself as a Speaker and a‘Breakthrough Strategist’. In this interview for ‘Global Woman Magazine’ she reveals to our readers some very valuable tips on how we can make progress in our life. The losses she has experienced during her own life journey have taught her many lessons that have served to give her more impetus as an Author and enabled her to complete her books. This year, 2021, will be a very different year for her, providing the opportunity to launch her own brand as well as publishing a new book and celebrating new opportunities.

With more than ten years of a successful career as a Speaker and Breakthrough Strategist, how would you describe your career?

I would describe my career as a dream-filled experience with evolving talents and gifts. Allowing myself to evolve has been such a beautiful process and I’ve learned to explore my own possibilities in an unlimited way.

Can you share with us some tips about how a person can best progress in life?

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