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Marina Nani
Join the Author Awards 2016

Marina is a woman who carries in her heart extraordinary storytellers, who broadcast their passion, around the clock, around the world. Marina thinks that our world needs more storytellers, and she is here to make sure they have a place to call it home! For her, life is not about finding yourself or re-inventing yourself, life is about delivering the best version of yourself, your excellent Self. “The time we have on this earth is very limited and, after being an accomplished but exhausted entrepreneur for more than two decades without weekends or holidays, I retired from my business, The Hotel Alternative” Marina tells us and read on to discover more.

Your story is very inspiring for many women around the world. How would you describe it?
I am blessed with amazing children, successful and loyal friends, a nice place to call home, and when I retired, I realised that after decades of hard work and nothing else, despite all my achievements, I was left with nothing. Nobody needed me anymore, and I felt sick, alone and frail. I couldn’t really see myself making it to the next Christmas. I didn’t know what’s next. My children were very worried and thought it would be a good idea to write a book about my life, but I ended up writing about other people’s lives and their big ideas, about turning their dream into a vision. Soon after, my publisher, Aaron Group, launched my first few books in North America, and I went on a journey of my own. The Life-After-Book, or LAB, as I call it, started and since my life is very much a laboratory of experimental thinking, is an adventure of the mind. I had no plans for writing more books or speaking for a living. If anything, I would feel ridiculous to even think that speaking for a living is a profession, let alone speaking from the heart and getting paid.

I would feel ridiculous to even think that speaking for a living is a profession, let alone speaking from the heart and getting paid.

By a total twist of fate, or divine intervention, when I returned to London from launching my latest book at High Point University, I was asked to share my story in front of people I’ve never met before. I never thought I had a story but here I was, on the same stage were Bill Clinton was speaking, in front of almost ten thousand people who were waiting for me to say something. I had nothing prepared, so I spoke from my heart. Since I was invited to speak on four continents, I wrote a few more books but I realised that what made me happy wasn’t writing books but going to places I’ve never been before, sharing the good news and creating once in a lifetime experiences with people I have never met before, total strangers, including myself.

How did you come up with the idea to start your Radio channel?
It took me five decades to understand that life could be a magical experience when you embrace your truth and accept yourself for who you are, without waiting for validation from others. Modern life gets you caught into a web of ‘to do’ lists, which makes it very easy to forget that you are a human being, not a human doing, and move your focus from what you don’t have on to who you are. During my travels, I connected with people of significance and I learned that each one of us is born with ‘Inner Greatness’, a unique genius, a divine essence, but most of us don’t know they have it already. They chase external goals instead of mastering their talent and bring it out into the world, to make it better. When I look at the world I see this huge puzzle, and yes, it is far from perfect. There are too many missing pieces. Of course, it is easier to blame the government, your family, friends, or neighbours, instead of asking yourself what is it that you are missing. If you don’t “see” yourself out there, making the difference, living your life with purpose day in, day out, then you are the missing piece, the best kept secret, and I know it because I was one. Sharing your story helps you change the narrative that you are telling yourself about yourself, and start seeing the world with a fresh pair of eyes. If before, you felt overwhelmed by the outside world, you can become aware that there is more to life than stress and crashing demands made on you, and there is something that nobody knows yet: You! Regardless of your degrees and achievements, if you don’t know your worth, you know nothing. The irony is that as you embrace your truth, you discover that you have it all, and you had it all, long before you knew it. You can learn everything there is to know, buy a few more personal development courses, and create more content but if you don’t understand your worth, it is very hard to deliver value. All you need is a system, to structure and strategise your talent, your existing abilities, and become your best spokesperson. Radio Works World is the good news channel and is a stage from where you can deliver the good news: You!

Why did you call it Radio Works, and what does this mean?
We are a family of genius farmers and together we plant the seeds of Greatness. People from different countries and paths of life join us each day to share their story, their talent, broadcast their passion, and deliver the W.O.R.K.S. The meaning behind the W.O.R.K.S. is based on the five modules of my coaching programme, to help you craft your message and become your own spokesperson, and make the good news. Wealth is a state of mind and it isn’t just the money you get paid for your services but living your life with purpose, whether that is in your personal or professional life. Wealth is not the result of aligning your values, beliefs and actions but opening the vault of your dreams and taking it to the bank. Opportunity is something that can make you in life, as you could only be as great as the opportunities you have. But what could happen when you start creating them? Our hosts come from all walks of life and their stories are constant reminders that opportunity is something which you make and not just take. Relationships are the sum of all fears, family, friends, work colleagues or even rivals but the best things in life are not things but people.

Relationship capital is a trendy topic but life lasting. Successful human interactions are not possible unless you have a great relationship with yourself. Understanding your worth is the holy grail of excellence. Keys to sharing your passion and broadcasting your message are simple tools and within reach. What could be more effective than speaking from the heart to reach out to your ideal clients’ heart? Running your show once a week and sharing your story as it happens with new audiences, from different countries and different cultures, gives you a sense of fulfilment and commitment to excellence.

Strategic Thinking

We believe each one of us can be successful. The strategy to success is different for everyone but strangely it is also very familiar. The best way to define your own keys to success is to listen to those who already have it and are happy to share their experience!

What inspired you to follow this path?
When you switch the TV on, there is only bad news, war, poverty, political instability, social unrest, illness. I believe that the standards of your thinking determine the standards of your life; what you think is who you become. I help people look up to themselves and bring their own light on challenges they once struggled with, share their problem solving story and become the opportunity others are seeking. Even at times when everything in the world appears to be in chaos and seems that it is almost impossible to exit in the midst of a difficult transition, sharing your story brings a new perspective. Not only on your past experiences but also in your own personal development and endorsing your own vision, to create better life choices. Embracing your own truth is your divine job in this lifetime. You have the chance to understand that the miracle you are waiting for is here already, you just need to look into the mirror, have a great look and look again, the world is waiting on you to come out. Hosting your show, is like looking at the sky, but seeing yourself out there, shining bright and lighting other people’s sky, on their darkest hour! What if anything goes wrong? What is the worst that could happen? You could land among the other Stars!

What are the challenges that you faced on this journey?
Trading the “how” for the “wow”. I used to ask myself “how on earth am I going to do this?!” and now I tell myself : “Wow, I am doing this!” On reflection, when you allow yourself to grow into the person who can deliver your life purpose, and take the path into transformational change, you face harsh realities, and yes, it wasn’t easy, but is worth it! My biggest challenge were my self-sabotaging habits. Turning my dream into a vision, wasn’t a matter of creating myself but delivering my strategic self. I had to un-learn everything I was taught before and learn everything I can be from scratch. It is like looking into a mirror, to go inside yourself to become a window for others, discover that place where your abundant self was hiding, and bring it into the limelight.

Who are your role models and supporters in your mission?
I didn’t get where I am by myself, and I learned from the best and now, and, strangely enough, teaching is best way of learning. Each radio show host inspires me, each day – this is why my passion is to broadcast your passion. At this point in my life, I feel very humbled by the overwhelming love and support I receive each day from people I’ve never met before. I can’t help but share about my ‘Master Mentors’ who brought the light on my sky when it was all dark and lonely: The Aaron Group are an extraordinary team, with whom I worked on four continents. Raymond Aaron told me that I have it all, and I chose to believe it which inspired me to write my first 28 books in one year. James Michaels Lafferty and his fabulous wife, Carol guided me while travelling into serendipity – James is the genius of personal branding. Pete Walter, my media coach inspired me last year to launch Radio W.O.R.K.S. World and without him my journey would have come to an abrupt halt as I felt trapped in a big idea without air, and he taught me to go “on air”. Pete graced the stage at the Radio W.O.R.K.S. Awards 2016 and helps us all to “deal with the media” and attract media attention. Cheryl Chapman, ‘The WHY’s’ Roving Reporter, world class speaker and influencer, at the beginning of my journey asked me a question that changed my life:” Where to next?” I felt that after publishing almost 30 books, I was ready to go but I was waiting for validation from others. Cheryl taught me that I don’t need permission to turn my dream into a reality, I am free to go as far as my vision can take me. Cheryl teaches me and our listeners to be “freaking awesome”.

Now you are organising a big event to recognise the authors and their work – Can you tell us more about it?
There are two dimensions of your creative life: value creation and value delivery. I came across outstanding works of art that nobody talks about and it feels like a crime against humanity. Creating ideas and different art forms is something that you, as an artist and creative spirit can’t escape, it is your calling. But delivering your WORKS, is my divine job. I feel this urgency to put the wrong right, to re-unite people with their Inner Greatness, with what they have already and chose to ignore. What makes you who you are is not what you know, who you know or who knows you, but your experiences. Making yourself available to great experiences could exceed your expectations when it comes to real, fast results. This is a life-changing, red carpet experience which is seeking to elevate your brand as an author, or to brand yourself in a given area of expertise. After all, like James Michael Lafferty said “people are brands too!” The Authors Awards 2016 is the second part of our red carpet events and if you want to be inspired, intrigued and enlightened by authors who write books to create and deliver value, you are in for a treat. It is a feast for the soul! Together we create an eclectic ray of celebrations with writers of fiction and non fiction, a glance into the grander scheme of things. Attendees are expected to engage in great conversations on topics of all interests: from success to significance, spiritual legacy, heritage, wealth, opportunities, relationships, wellness, business, and entrepreneurship. It is an opportunity to meet the authors as they present their story, share their wisdom and inspire you to create better life choices for yourself and your loved ones! Authors will also be available to autograph their latest books throughout the event. The awards ceremony will run across both days and cover a variety of categories including both fiction and non fiction and will be open to all attendees! Actually, I would love to invite all your readers to join us and be part of the happening story and join us for the 2016 Radio W.O.R.K.S World Authors Awards!

What are your ambitions for 2017?
My personal vision is to help all of you to broadcast your passion wherever you are in the world!

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