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100 Top Global Women Entrepreneurs

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Over the past 8 years, we have engaged with a multitude of exceptional women globally, hailing from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Through our platform, Global Woman Club & Magazine, we have cultivated a powerful community of empowered women across the globe.


In the last 7 years, we take pride in having created communities in key cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, Singapore, NYC, Dubai, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Milano, Oslo, Frankfurt, Doha, Istanbul, Orange County, Albania, Kosovo, Cyprus, Birmingham, Nottingham, Doha, Lisbon, Vienna, Johannesburg, Accra etc. This transformative movement commenced in 2016 with our first club in London, spreading its impact across more than 30 countriespositively influencing over 1 million women.

In addition to the potential business advantages, being named among the top 100 women entrepreneurs provides access to invaluable resources, support networks, and mentorship opportunities. It fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among female entrepreneurs, contributing to a shared journey of empowerment and success.



Participation in the 100 Women Entrepreneurs of the Year is an invaluable opportunity for women entrepreneurs aiming to elevate their businesses and connect with like-minded professionals. The recognition offered by such an esteemed award is a testament to your commitment to excellence and innovation.

Important Dates:

Nomination Period: 1st January 2024

Announcement of the entrepreneurs: 20th February 2024

Three compelling reasons to apply for the prestigious award include:

  1. Recognition and Credibility: Attaining recognition as one of the top 100 women entrepreneurs of the year adds a layer of credibility and prestige to your business, attracting new customers and partners.
  2. Personal Growth and Development: Engaging in an awards program is an opportunity for personal and professional reflection, fostering growth, and inspiring new goals.
  3. Marketing and Promotion: Winning the “100 Women Entrepreneurs of the Year” award provides a unique avenue for marketing and promotion, gaining media attention, and showcasing your business to a broader audience.


If your business aligns with our mission of empowering individuals, irrespective of gender, we invite you to apply by clicking the link below. The selected 100 women entrepreneurs will be featured prominently in the pages of the esteemed Global Woman magazine.

100 women entrepreneurs will be featured prominently in the pages of the esteemed Global Woman magazine.

Global Woman Magazine

Global Woman Magazine is an independent publication and has been in the market since 2015 with a focus on women entrepreneurs, female leaders and business owners.


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