Connect with Your Life Purpose to Create a Brighter Future

Ariyana AS mother

Ariyana – A Star Child
Connect with Your Life Purpose to Create a Brighter Future

By Mirela Sula

Ariyana (Ryoko Nadea)  is a mother, entrepreneur, author, speaker, consultant and healer. She is caring, aware, open, truthful, accepting and loving. She is passionate about things she cares about, such as issues affecting the well-being of women and children, and committed to focusing her energy on healing others. Ariyana is excited about life and the possibility of what is unfolding in each new day. She is an extraordinary woman with special gifts and with a big purpose in this planet. To learn the reason why, you better read this profound interview with her.

What was your dream when you left your country, Japan, to go and live in the US?
I was very ambitious and wanted to become a very successful businesswoman who would travel all over the world. It was my dream to have a meeting in Hong Kong one day and Singapore the next. I just had never imagined that I would have my company to do that.

How did you start your journey as an entrepreneur?
When I was 20 years old, a friend of my boyfriend at that time came to us to ask if we wanted to start importing furniture from Indonesia. In the early 1990s not many people were travelling to far-away countries such as Indonesia and India, so, we thought this would be a great opportunity. My parents gave us the initial capital investment to start the business. I got married and received the first shipment at the age of 21.

What are the challenges that you went through while growing your business?
We had the most challenges in the first few years of our business. In the beginning, it was hard to convince our customers and suppliers that our venture was stable. We were very young without any prior business experience, so we made many mistakes. Cash flow was tight all the time, and as a small business, we had to pay more for shipping fees or deposits for real estate. But we were quick learners, we figured out which formula worked best, and our sales and profits started to multiply each year. After we had got established, the biggest challenges were always with people – employees, customers, and suppliers. I think the hardest part of running any business is managing people.

What is your experience of working as a business partner with your husband?
We were perfect as business partners – my husband had a vision, and I had the ability to execute. My husband was a visionary and a big thinker. He had visions and ideas on how the business could grow. While he had no clue on how to bring his ideas into reality, that’s where I came in. I was good at accomplishing complex tasks. I was organised, detail-oriented and got stuff done promptly. We complemented together very well.

How difficult was it for you to have a balance in life, being a mother and a businesswoman?
Balancing between being a mother and a businesswoman wasn’t difficult for me. I waited to have children until our business was stable and secure, and I was ready to be a full-time mother. When I had my children, I could step away from the business for several years. Then I went back to work after both my children were in school full-time and didn’t need my attention all the time. However, I didn’t focus on maintaining a healthy relationship with my husband, and our marriage did not survive.

How did you experience the divorce?
Becoming divorced with young children was one of the hardest things I have ever experienced in my life. However, I wholeheartedly believe that it was a lesson I needed to go through to become who I am today. I met my ex-husband when I was only eighteen, and we were constantly together for the next fourteen years. Getting separated from that relationship was like losing a significant part of myself. However, we grew in separate directions and the damage to our connection was too great to repair. I moved out from our house and got my own home for the first time in my life when I was 32 years old. I am still thankful today that my ex-husband and I never fought about our children. We shared the responsibility for parenting our children equally and always put our children’s needs first.

You have now started a new life, what motivated you in this direction?
When I was going through the divorce, I was also going through a journey of self-discovery. I had worked on myself emotionally, spiritually, physically and intellectually. I was determined to find out why I am here and what I want to do with the rest of my life. I discovered that there is so much more than focusing on the American Dream, pursuing money, power or fame. Some of the retreats I attended, such as the Hoffman Institute or Spirit Rock in California, changed my life. At the Hoffman Institute process, I learned to disconnect from all the destructive patterns I have learned from my parents and became whole, as the person who I am, for the first time. I learned the valuable lessons of loving and forgiving myself and others entirely. Those lessons enabled me to deepen my spiritual practices, and I attended the Vipassana meditation retreat at Spirit Rock. It was eleven days of silent meditation, and I experienced a dissolving of the perception that I needed something external to complete myself.

How different is your life now?
My life is completely different. I must say that I would have never imagined that I would be doing what I do now in my wildest dreams. I retired from my furniture business two years ago and wrote a book called “Light Atonement”. The book is about my life journey and spiritual awakening. My children are grown up, and I now travel all over the world as a healer and consultant. I speak at conferences and help people become more aware to realise their potential.

Tell us more about your book “Light Atonement?”
Light Atonement is about my life journey, the transition from my roles as a wife, mother and successful entrepreneur to a healer and consultant. I share life-changing spiritual realisations I have experienced in later chapters. This book is also a workbook with a reflection section in each chapter where the readers will have a chance to examine their lives and personal values.

I believe that I have grown and learned from my hardships because I kept moving forward.

How hard was it for you to open up and share your personal experiences in this book?
It was extremely difficult to talk about myself. I am a very private person and revealing my personal stories to the world was something I have never imagined I could do. However, I gathered my courage to write the book as truthfully and sincerely as I could. Sharing my personal journey was a part of my life purpose. I have experienced both beautiful moments and challenges in my life. I openly wrote about some of the hardest experiences I have gone through. I believe that I have grown and learned from my hardships because I kept moving forward. It is my hope that readers will be inspired to follow their hearts to find their true calling like I did.

You grew up in Japan and spent most of your adult life in the United States. Now that you are travelling around the world to fulfill your mission, where do you call home?
I have been travelling around the world full-time as an energy healer in the last twelve months. Many places on Earth need healing, and I also work with healers, supporting their energy upgrades in each city I visit. Tokyo and Los Angeles are two places that I call my hometowns, but I am very comfortable to say that anywhere on Earth feels like home to me and I am a world citizen.

Where do you get the inspiration?
I get my inspirations whenever my heart sings with joy.  I get those moments by experiencing the incredible beauty of the Earth and its’ people. I have travelled all over the world and have seen the incredible natural beauty which took my breath away. I have met loving and kind people around the world who have touched my heart deeply. When I experience those moments, I am re-inspired to be of service and help preserve this incredible Earth for the future generations.

What do you think about the changes that are happening in the world and the shift that is going on with consciousness?
I believe the changes which are happening in the world and peoples’ consciousness are inter-related. The old system is not working anymore. We have to let go of the old and welcome the new and unknown. We are experiencing a major energetic shift since September 2016. It will only accelerate in 2017. In this shift, we are going to manifest thoughts into reality much faster and easier. Think positive, and we can create a brighter future.

You call yourself a Star Child. What is a Star Child?
A Star Child belongs to a group of souls who agree to come to Earth to assist the evolution of humanity and the Earth. Some Star Children are born with unique gifts, while others reconnect with their purpose later in life. There are millions of Star Children in this time, as we are currently going through a very significant shift.

What is your life purpose and how did you find it?
I have been on my spiritual journey for over twenty years now. I have been practicing yoga, meditation and studied many healing modalities. I have learned to connect to different realms of energy through working with gifted healers, psychics and teachers from all over the world. I encountered my star family and began communicating with them several years ago. They now speak through me using light languages to bring messages to humanity. Three elements of my life’s purpose are:

  1. Speak the universal truth.
  2. Heal Earth’s energetic field.
  3. Help raise people’s consciousness, understanding, and vibration.

What is “Light language”?
Light languages are used by my star family to communicate; they carry light, energy, vibrations, healing and sacred geometries. Light languages penetrate people’s energy fields, so they are not just simply heard through our ears. Light languages bring layers of messages and information in a very compressed format that cannot simply be translated into words in human languages. I use Light languages because they have the power to heal and to transmit energy.

“Finding Your Life Purpose through “Light Atonement”

Next month you are organising a workshop “Finding Your Life Purpose through “Light Atonement”. Can you tell us about it – what is your goal?
Many of us wonder at some time in our lives, “Why am I here?”, “What am I supposed to do?” and “What is my life’s purpose?”. I use my book “Light Atonement” as a guide to explore our awareness, conscious beliefs and discover deeper meaning in life. I will lead a dialogue, self-inquiry and guided meditations to help participants find their heart’s desire and true calling. It is my hope that participants will experience a heart opening to connect with their essence and to live their highest purpose.

Most of the women who are part of our audience are entrepreneurs – what would be your message for those who want to grow in business and connect with their life purpose?
I admire you for finding your passion and creating a business which brings you joy. You are already taking significant steps into fulfilling your life purpose. I encourage you to expand your awareness to examine the deeper reasons why you want to be successful. If your intentions of what you want to create in your business and your life’s purpose are aligned, the whole universe is going to support you to achieve your highest goals. Consider how your business can be a vehicle to contribute to bringing love and positivity to others and this Earth.

What are your biggest dreams for 2017?
I want to help more people to experience themselves in their true essence of love, their natural kindness and the genuine joy that comes from helping others. I want to contribute to people remembering that they have the power to make a change. I want to share with others a greater sense of connection, free from the illusion of separation. May all of us follow our hearts, learn to forgive and live in the present moment.

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