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C.E. Okwera: The Creative Entrepreneur Who Has Found New Opportunities Through Lockdown

When she was just 15 years old, entrepreneur C.E. Okwera found herself homeless. Desperate to escape a rapidly deteriorating domestic environment, she had finally mustered the courage to dive into the unknown, armed with an unwavering belief that she would triumph come what may.

That same daring spirit has underpinned all she has done since, leading to a highly varied but profitable entrepreneurial journey that now sees her as the head of numerous companies collectively falling under the ‘Profyle Group’ banner.

And while lockdown hit her business just like with so many others, she has capitalised upon the situation to set up another venture… as a publisher and bestselling author.

Born in Uganda during the 1980s, Okwera relocated to London with her parents when just a young child. Her home country was, at the time, being torn apart in a bloody civil war which saw children routinely being kidnapped to swell the rebel armies’ forces. This wasn’t, then, simply an attempt at a new start but very much a flight for survival.

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