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Erica Moseley & Frances Pullin — A Couple of Global Women Coming Together in Love and Support


I am thrilled to be a part of this issue of ‘Global Woman Club Magazine’ along with my new friend, courtesy of Global Woman Club, Erica Moseley. We attended an online conference in September and were honored to be recognized by our group leader to submit an article for the magazine. Can you imagine the excitement of being a new member of this group, like I was, and invited by her to join in co-authoring an article for Global Woman Club and to accept this honor?

Erica wrote her contribution on ‘How to Overcome Barriers in 2023’ and my topic is ‘Teaching Love of Self to the World’. Extremely powerful subjects which bare our passion for the work in front of us.

Erica happens to be a homeless advocate, helping people get off the streets and into homes in San Francisco, California. I, Frances, am a spiritual leader and teacher in the communities of Southern California. It seems uncanny that we live so close to each other in the world and met through Global Woman Club. As I believe, there are no accidents and she and I have been able to connect, communicate, and work together.

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While she is assisting in attaining homes and shelter for others, I am busy teaching many to love themselves. In our minds, these go hand in hand as we are compassionate, industrious women working diligently to improve the lives of those we can. We understand all of us on the earth are on our own journeys and we cannot interrupt that process without permission. We are aware that if they take hold of our extended hands, we can help to improve what they chose. They begin to understand that their story can be visited in their subconscious mind and rewritten by them.

Uncannily, we both write in a very down-to-earth style, and each have published a book about our childhoods that brought us to the positions we are in at this time of our lives. What we live in our early years directly affects who we become, as you are aware.

Erica has become a tech geek, as she describes herself, loving every minute of it and helping others to land their dream jobs. I am creative having had a wonderful career in interior design. I’m learning, ever learning, computer skills and my skills improve all the time. I’m sure she could teach me a thing or many!

I have published two books; “It is I, Amadeus, Channelled Messages from Spirit,” where Mozart channelled through me to teach love of self to the world and “Loving the Me in Me, Grounding in the Love Vibration” was born. I also authored a workbook to accompany my classes and retreat based on “Loving the Me in Me” and have thoughts churning regarding a mental health assistance book.

Erica’s first book; “Trapped in the Homeless Hustle” has been successful, and she is in the process of writing a second one based on how to land that dream job in tech which is yet untitled. Who knows what her third book about building your personal branding will be known as.

While Erica has spoken to large technology companies, my audiences are much smaller and tend to be more personal as love of self is a sensitive thing to discuss when so many of us grew up not loving the me in me or the you in you.

As you can tell by our combined stories, we are destined to bring comfort to others and leave our personal stamps upon the earth.

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